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The Perfect Indoor Wifi Camera That's Like An Alarm Too! Even Has 2 Way Audio!

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$155.00 NZD
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$155.00 NZD

Imagine you're out and about and you suddenly get notifications on your phone.  You whip open your App and - someone's in your lounge (or your bach or your sleepout or your music room whatever!) This little beauty picked them up with its alarm sensor & told you about it!

What's your next move? Would you like to say something to the intruder? Go ahead!! Let them know, among other choice words, that you've called the cops, released the hounds etc

Cool thing - No installation wiring.  Just plug it into the power & connect it to your Wifi & you're away!

Bestest thing - you have CCTV integrators, professionals, in Auckland, actual real humans, you can call if you get stuck!  Try that if you buy it overseas or from a retailer here.

This is priced to sell fast & to be honest it's a bit of a test as we don't normally do DIY stuff.  For now we have  a great deal on it so get amongst it. I've had one of these for years and it's invaluable. I turn it off sometimes and turn it back on when I want to leave my dogs alone for a few hours for example.