Tired Of Your CCTV Being A Dangerous Waste Of Money?

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Introducing MAINTAIN - The Only CCTV Monitoring & Support You'll Ever Need!

You Have Top CCTV Experts And State-Of-The-Art Monitoring Tech On Your Side 24/7 - So You Can Rely On Your CCTV!

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What Our Customers Say ...

Testimonial 1

Shane had a MOBOTIX problem that had dragged on for years. Nobody else could sort it. These guys really know their stuff.

Testimonial 2

Daphne was stoked because the system "helped us heaps!" Innovative use of a camera system to free up a worker from an annoying dangerous job.

Testimonial 3

Banapa says we were really good, respectful people to work with. Major school CCTV upgrade. Plenty of problems caused by poor cabling of the old system. Sorted!

Lawrence found we were really responsive when there was a problem. Back up and running the same day. Important because the cameras are used every day to help run the operation.

Marian says excellent service! Got us up and running again really quickly. Helped us with Police footage too which was invaluable.

Suresh was very happy after we upgraded his old system. Much much better and much clearer images. A huge improvement and highly recommend these guys.

MAINTAIN CCTV Monitoring & Support Starts At Only $27 Monthly!

My Accountant Is Giving Me A Hard Time Because Even The 4 Core Services Are Worth At Least $453 Monthly!

  • Uptime Monitoring: Valued at $136/mth

    State of the art servers carefully monitor your system and immediately report when they see it offline. Then our experienced humans decide what to do next. Sometimes we'll sort things out behind the scenes, sometimes we'll check-in with you to see what's happening.

  • Storage Monitoring: Valued at $110/mth

    CCTV storage is critical so we monitor it 24/7/365 for any interruptions or problems. The idea is to get ahead of any storage failures because it's a matter of when not if they happen. We aim to catch these things BEFORE the warranty runs out which could save you heaps!

  • Remote & On-Site Support: Valued at $152/mth

    When things go wrong we're there. No call out charge to worry about! This is peace of mind not offered by anyone else!

  • Cyber Security - Valued at $55/mth

    Could be priceless. Hackers routinely attack CCTV to get into corporate networks. We carry out regular firmware upgrades and manage that aspect so your CCTV is safe.

  • Secure Access To Your CCTV - $60/mth

    Don't be a mug like everyone else who connects to their CCTV unencrypted. The internet is the wild west so run, don't walk, to grab this! We set you up to access your system through our high tech proxy server. Nobody is getting through your CCTV system.

  • Police Help - $63/mth

    When the Police come asking you for footage you can be pretty confident it’ll be there if you’re on MAINTAIN.  That’s the first hurdle!  The next is actually finding it and getting it off the system into their hands.  We’ll be there to help you.  If it’s a small incident we’ll even do it for you.  If it’s a lengthy fraud investigation we’ll get you started & show you how to do it, and we’ll be there to assist with any questions.

  • Configuration Management - $25/mth

    You don't need to worry about losing any of your CCTV system data because MAINTAIN holds it securely off site for you. Passwords, IP addresses, system settings - how would I know, ask MAINTAIN! They handle all that for me.

  • Privacy Policy - $197 one time

    We write up the documentation that the NZ Privacy Commissioner recommends every NZ business with CCTv has. You won't be mugged by some smart alec who challenges your right to protect your operation with CCTV. MAINTAIN means you have your act together.

  • Tutorials - Invaluable

    Let's face it, we all forget how to use these systems after a while. With MAINTAIN you'll alway shave access to the best written and video tutorials and training materials for your system.

  • Consulting - Priceless

    Whether you need to expand or re-configure or upgrade, your MAINTAIN gets you free consulting from some of the industry's best people. MAINTAIN puts the experts on your team without you having to pay for them.

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